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Customise SpotData Parameters - ABB Rapid


Is it possible to customise the SpotData parameters for an ABB Rapid controller? The default parameters that are available are different to the configuration that I require.


I have tried creating a custom data type for spotdata and this appears to work at first but has some strange behaviour.


It will allow me define and save a new spotdata entry (under the custom data definition menu) with the necessary parameters that are relevent to my configuration.


If I close both the custom spotdata window and the Robot Setup window and then reopen them both, my newly defined custom spotdata has been moved to the default spotdata definition menu. This then causes a problem with the parameters as they are different between the custom version and the default version.


Appreciate any help with this.




Re: Customise SpotData Parameters - ABB Rapid

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Siemens Phenom

Unfortunately SpotData is one of the few data types that cannot be customized today (like SpeedData, ZoneData etc...)


A workaround could be to define another datatype name (ex: MySpotData) for your custom SpotData and convert MySpotData string to SpotData at download (via a post download script). At upload, do the other way: convert SpotData to MySpotData (via a pre upload script)

Re: Customise SpotData Parameters - ABB Rapid


Thanks for the speedy respsonse. I had a feeling this might have been the case with SpotData.