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Customized Column in Path edito



is it possible to create a customized column in path editor. In this case I only need an integer value.




Re: Customized Column in Path edito

yes it is. It is not well document. I will try to find examples


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‎03-02-2017 09:38 AM

Re: Customized Column in Path edito



I can give you initial directions, but, like Gilles mentioned, it's hard to find documentations explaining how to do this, so I might be missing some details:


To customized Path Editor columns you need to edit XMLs located under C:\ProgramData\Tecnomatix\Process Simulate\YourPSVersion\Robotics\PathEditor\AvailableColumns. If you prefer you can also create a new xml with same structure and inside PS you'll find a new Path Editor Column group with the fields you defined.


You'll clearly see groups like <Section>,<Column>,<Display>. To find the allowed values for the parameters inside these groups I usually take reference from existing ones. For example, the 'Access' parameter has some possible values, but I'm not sure about all possible values and combinations. 


If your integer value is a robotic parameter under motion xml customization file, you can also point to it and it will be dynamically updated in Path Editor. It is an interesting way to visualize changes in these parameters.



Re: Customized Column in Path edito


thanks a lot! That is really cool and great! Smiley Very Happy


But if you define the XML-wrong like I did with the display type (DisplayType="integer" instead of DisplayType="int"), ProcessSimulate will crash during startup!

So I will have this in mind as a last exit.

Re: Customized Column in Path edito

Here is an example:


	<Section SectionName="Fanuc-Rj">

            <Column Id = "FANUC_DETERMINING_THICKNESS" Header="GM DT (mm)" ValueType="double" Access="RW">
			 <Display DisplayType="double"/>
            <Column Id = "FANUC_WELD_MATERIAL" Header="GM Weld Material" ValueType="int" Access="RW">
			 <Display DisplayType="combobox">
                              <ElmDef Name="CS_AL" Value="1"/>
                              <ElmDef Name="AHSS" Value="2"/>



As mentioned above, you should put this xml file (any name) under C:\ProgramData\Tecnomatix\Process Simulate\<version>\Robotics\PathEditor\AvailableColumns