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Customized Path Template Question

[ Edited ]

Hi Guys,


I have stange problems with the Path Template in PS 10.1


Background story:


We do stud welding with a Tucker gun. The TCP of the gun is about 50mm above the stud, the part is about 25mm above the stud. When I load the program in PS, the location for the stud is inside the part or on the different side of the part.




I´ve wrote a Action for the path template that decrease the Z-Value of the stud location sp that the location locates on the part.


<RobotController Name="Abb-Rapid" Version="All">
<Action Name="REAL-->SIM BolzL-Loc Z+27mm" LocRange="All" LocationTypes="Weld" MotionTypes="1,2" Description="REAL --> SIM \nVerschiebe BolzL-Location in Z-27mm und färbe Änderungen rot">
	<MoveLoc RelZ="+27" IgnoreLimitations ="true"/>
	<Color Value="RED"/>
<Action Name="SIM --> REAL BolzL-Loc Z-27mm" LocRange="All" LocationTypes="Weld" MotionTypes="1,2" Description="SIM --> REAL \nVerschiebe BolzL-Location in Z+27mm und färbe Änderungen grün">
	<MoveLoc RelZ="-27" IgnoreLimitations ="true"/>
	<Color Value="GREEN"/>	



Sometimes it works, sometimes don´t. Smiley Wink


Error message:


REAL-->SIM BolzL-Loc Z+27mm action was applied on one or more locations/operations (listed below):

b268_LR_c, b460_LR_c, b267_LR_c, b266_LR_c, b265_LR_c, b115_LR_c, b214_LR_c, b213_LR_c, b256_LR_c, b255_LR_c, b114_LR_c, b117_LR_c, b121_LR_c, b259_LR_c, b258_LR_c, b120_LR_c, b116_LR_c, b217_LR_c, b218_LR_c, b122_LR_c, b269_LR_c, b270_LR_c, b271_LR_c, b272_LR_c, b463_LR_c.

[Error] One or more locations (listed below) were not translated or rotated: b267_LR_c, b266_LR_c, b265_LR_c, b115_LR_c, b214_LR_c, b213_LR_c, b121_LR_c, b259_LR_c, b258_LR_c, b120_LR_c, b116_LR_c, b218_LR_c, b269_LR_c.



When I look at the locations, I see that sometimes the orientation or the translated location doesn´t change (see picture below).


Does anone know how to fix this?


Greetings, Julian


Re: Customized Path Template Question

Hi Julian,


This is very surprizing. I just copied your template, replaced in the comment the Umlaut by ae or ue (not sure these special characters ares supported in the xml) nad it worked perfectly. I changed the position back and forth and it was always successful.


I think you should try to use the "location manipulator", it should produce same error. I suspect there is something in the data ppreventing some locations to move.


best regards



Re: Customized Path Template Question

[ Edited ]

With the location manipulator everything works - I have also removed the Ö´s and ü`s. Smiley Wink


I have done a quick pkz with our customsations and a small dummy cell - maybe someone can try to reproduce the problem? Maybe it´s something for an IR...


I can use the function z+27mm, but not Z-27mm - I have no Idea whats the problem. :/


best regards,


Accepted by topic author thebang2
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Customized Path Template Question

Hi Julian,


I tested your data in my version (TX12.0TR1), it works well. I can shift +27 and -27, all locations are moved from the initial position in your study. It must be a problem in TX10.1.


Best regards



Re: Customized Path Template Question

[ Edited ]

Really great that you have tested this - thank you for that!

I think I have to open an IR and annoy the support. Smiley Wink