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CustomizingOLP Commands


Hey All,


We have problems with the customizing of OLP commands.

We read the "Robotics Costumized UI Manual" but we still don't know how to write commands.


First the idea was to write an easy OLP Command "GripperOpen" but what should be written inside the Simulation Layer and Download Layer? Where can we find supported commands, because we don't know how to get an influence on the Operation.



This is the first idea:


<RobotController Name ="Universal-URScript" Version="All">
        <Param Name="GripperPose" ValueType="string">
        <ComboDef LinkTo="ActiveGun.Poses"/>

    <Command Name="GripperOpen">
                    <Item Type="const">Gripper = </Item>
                    <Item Type="parameter">GripperPose</Item>

??? (Do i have to use customized Universal-URScript Commands?)
    <Dialog Title="Test|Gripper">



Kind regards,



Re: CustomizingOLP Commands

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

In <DownloadLayer>, you should use the relevant Universal-URScript instruction(s), i.e. the syntax you want to see in the downloaded program that you will send to the real robot.


In <SimulationLayer>, you can use any instruction(s) supported in simulation (see Simulation section of the Universal-URScript manual). You can also use any of the # simulation command available from the TP / Olp Command Editor.

Re: CustomizingOLP Commands


I also have similar problems in understanding as the thread opener: 


 In <DownloadLayer> i write the specific controller syntax (i.e. the ABB syntax is different to the Kuka syntax).


In <SimulationLayer> i can use the specific controller syntax or the default controller standard commands? 

Where do i find the TP / OLP Command Editor?

(Do you mean this: 

But if i use the default syntax inside the <SimulationLayer> the Kuka controller doesn't understands the syntax or is this indiferrent, because the RobotExpert software understands the syntax (also both syntaxes mixed)?



So the Download and Simulation Layer could look the same (if i only use the specific controller syntax)?



Many thanks, 

Ernie Dunn

Re: CustomizingOLP Commands

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Correct, the Download and Simulation Layer could look the same if you only use the specific controller syntax.
The simulation layer is not downloaded, you can mix controller syntax and default controller (# commands) syntax if required (ex for display, attach, etc...).

By TP / Olp Editor, I meant the lower section of the Teach Pendant with the Olp Commands.

Re: CustomizingOLP Commands


Thanks for your answer.

I have a few more questions.


1) With "Simulation section of the Universal-URScript manual" you mena the "universal_urscript_user_manual.html" inside 'eMPower/Robotics/OLP/Universal-URScript/Doc/'?


2) If I use one of the default OLP commands (i.e. PartHandling/Grip) and then download the programm, does the Universal Robot understand that command or do I have to write a specific OLP command for that? (I can't test it right now, because the UR is still under construction, but i want to finish the process.)


Kind regards,


Re: CustomizingOLP Commands

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

1) yes


2) The idea is to use a single XML Customized OLP Command. In its simulation layer, you will use the default controller command (# Grip, etc...) but in its download layer you will use the relevant URScript instruction.