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Delta Robot modelling and simulation in Process Simulate.


Dear robotic experts,


   Weeks ago. I read one interesting news on V-rep which is a robotic system developer. it said that there was a joint workshop with tecnomatix to build a Delta-Robotic ( like motoman MPP3) simulation in PS. very interesting introduction from its webpage and video. Actually this sort of robotic application is vert popular in high-speed pickup, particularly in food industry. 


  No sure the progress since this workshop. any expectation on PS that it would have support Delta modelling and simulation in near future release? Existed robot kinematics has limitation while over 2 paralla mechanism in the chain,it will not slove it. Wish this issue can be solved soon...


 Appreciate your forecast message here,





Re: Delta Robot modelling and simulation in Process Simulate.

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Hello Steven,


We do plan to incorporate such capabilities in PS as delta robot simulation in the future, yet I cannot yet say in which release it will be added.


Actually I am curious about your interest, so if you don't mind I have some questions ;-):

  • Can you please elaborate what aspects of this type of simulation you think are of value?
  • This kind of simulation is unlike classic indusry robotics offline-programming simulation - i.e., motion is not always deterministic, and is based on sensor detection of parts to be picked etc, so what kind of verification/confidence would you believe to be gained from simulating such scenarios?


Thanks & best regards,



Re: Delta Robot modelling and simulation in Process Simulate.


Hi Zachi,


  Thanks for your reply on my post. Smiley Happy


  Basically I am curious of the new progress / enchances on Process Simulate ( not Robcad. it is too old).  For many years, I did not see any paralle kinematix robots' application in PS or Robcad. but it does exist in most of vendor-depdent system ( like motsim or robstudio). I feel that being as a leading industry solution. PS should be able to cover most applications of different robots including Delta and Scara Robot.


 Actually, in food and beverage palletising domain, Delta robot is one of widely used robot type. especially in high speed pick and place area. it is a must -choice. of course. it would touch those objectives you mentioned, cycle time accuracy, reachability and offline programming. etc. Without Delta model in, those topics are just topics, but not practices. Actually some software like motosim/robstudio, they are very limited functions in simulation complex process where PS is very strong to present. but they have delta model included. even not  perfect functions, but no choice to choose. You know. 


By occassionly, I read the introduction about joint workshop between Tecnomatix and V-Rep on internet. I guess it would come out in future. as least. you guys had noticed this importance for this new algorithm ( actully not very new) to PS business market in future... 


So in brief, Delta robot will benefit to following application domains,


   1. high speed pick and place out of Automotive industries;

   2. Enlarge function ranges of PS to present;


Wish those comments could make sense bit.