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Download model of robot Yaskawa


I downloaded model of robot Yaskawa MH110 in *.jt for PS, but there is no kinematics. Do you know, where I can download this robot with complete kinematics?

Thank you very much...


Re: Download model of robot Yaskawa

2 ways to do this:


1. download the MH110 spec from Yaskawa website and build the kinematix by yourself as well as .motion file inside;

2. Contact Yaskawa in Europe ( Sweden) to ask for the all-done model;



Re: Download model of robot Yaskawa

Okay, thank you. Do you have any instruction for making kinematics of robot? I have never done that.... 

Re: Download model of robot Yaskawa

Hello, here is some instructions. 

1. insert an assembly has several parts: for example, this assembly included 2 part, A and B

2. select assembly and "set modeling scope"

3. Open "kinematics editor"

4. click "create link" then choose A

5. do it again for B

6. now you had links that mean movable parts A, B

7. According to a geometry of the links( parts, A and B) define joints. 

8. you can define a joint with drag the line after you clicked a link to another one. 

9. in Joint Properties menu: you will see parent and child links. should setup relationship between parts with a hierarchy. for example, your top body is a parent, your arm is a child, you can take your body without move your arm. but you can not take your arm to everywhere that you cannot reach. it's the hierarchy.

10. create a line as define two point

11. If the joint is prismatic, the child will move along that line, if your joint is rotational your part will rotate along that line as an axis. 

I think these basics need to understand the kinematics. then you can make, make more part with more joint. then you can add branches your kinematic tree. 

Re: Download model of robot Yaskawa

Okay, thank you very much. I know kinematic, but I didn´t know kinematic of robot. I set tool frame and base frame and it´s everythink OKAY...