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Error Loading WebGL

I first used Export to Web a few weeks ago to create a 3D html file and it worked really well in Google Chrome. Internet Explorer worked also but was a bit sluggish so I prefer to use Chrome.


I have not deliberately changed anything but now I get the error below when trying to use Chrome, but it still works in internet explorer...

I can find no reference in the help documentation.

My PC is a Dell T3500 with Nvidia Quadro FX580


Can anyone shed any light?

Is there a nice app for just displaying 3D html available?




Re: Error Loading WebGL

An app for displaying 3d html?
That would be any web browser supporting webgl (or any app showing web pages using browser plug in).

The nice part about webgl is that you can debug the problem yourself using chrome.
Open the debug window using F12 and look for the Javascript code issuing the error.
You could then put a breakpoint there and check the code flow to localize the exact failure point.
You can do the same in IE to compare the values there and see why it fails on chrome.

If you are willing to share the html I can take a look myself and try to point in the right direction.

Kind regards,
Zachi Mann
Robotics 4.0
Tecnomatix R&D

Re: Error Loading WebGL

Hi Zachi, Thanks for your reply.

I found that Chrome (when it worked) was much slicker than using IE or Edge, as in, the graphic manipilation was more responsive.

I should have asked: could you recommend the best performing app for 3D html?


I opened the debug window, not being familiar with this, I could only find these errors in the console:


DEPRECATED: BufferGeometry's addAttribute() now expects ( name, attribute ).
THREE.WebGLRenderer 67
Error creating WebGL context.
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getExtension' of null(…)


I would be very grateful for your help debugging.

The error occurs with any html that I create so I can share anything you need. If you could let me know exactly what to send you, I will pass it on.


Many thanks


Re: Error Loading WebGL



My experience with chrome was always the best in terms of performance.

See this link for some comparison benchmarks.


If you can send me a simple html genereted via Export to Web which fails to load in chrome - I can try it for myself and help with the debugging.

You can send it via direct message or zip and attach it here to your next post (like I just attached a dummy html), which ever you prefer.




Re: Error Loading WebGL

Hi Zachi,

Please find attached file that caused the errors in chrome.

Best Regards


Re: Error Loading WebGL



It's working fine on my chrome.

Looking at some forums (see herehere or here), this might be an issue with your "chrome vs. OS vs. GPU" settings, i.e., maybe chrome got updated and added your GPU to it's "blacklist".

You did not specify OS and chrome version so I cannot tell for sure.


I don't know if it would help but you can try to enter chrome://flags and  enable one or more of these settings related to WebGL:

1. Override software rendering list (overrides the GPU blacklist of chrome).

2. WebGL Draft Extensions


Kind regards,


Accepted by topic author BF
‎01-23-2017 08:37 AM

Re: Error Loading WebGL

Hi, yes I already tried the flags, but no joy.
I am using windows 10 pro 64bit.
By coincidence chrome has just updated to Version 55.0.2883.75 m (64-bit).
It now works.
There must have been a bug with the last few versions of chrome.
Awesome! thanks for your help...