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Error RCS module of the FANUC

Hello guys!


I would like to know how to proceed when creating a virtual robot.


Because I create it according to the model, and enable the RCS, but at the time of running the motion programs it generates this error:


[R7_r2000ib_210f_so_le][RRS][203.20][Error] (T_Z3_F3E) P1: Motion Failed: Fatal error. Stopped calculating GET_NEXT_STEP service., Error Code: -68


Which error -68 is this?


Re: Error RCS module of the FANUC

It is a motion planning error from the RCS (like attempting to cross a singularity in linear motion, robot joints exceeding limits during motion, etc...).

Re: Error RCS module of the FANUC

Ok, I'll check the movements better.