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Export data from Step7 to PS

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I am currently working on the possibility of exporting data from Step7 to PS 12.1.3


The goal is simply to get some Inputs/Outputs made in Step7 by using the external mapping tool.


So I have created my mnemonics table and my .sdf file ; when I browse the file, it recognizes Inputs/Outputs and data type of the file and then the problems goes.


But when I click on "Map" or "Add" , the software takes me an error : "Bad format of SDF file (linex). Please check syntax."


When I click on ImpMap, it takes me another error : "Some of the signals contain unsupported signal information and could not be imported."


So; I can't export my data to Process Simulate ...


I have searched on your forum, I'm not sure but maybe the OPC server may have a link with this troubles ?


I hope you can help me. I have attached three images for the comprehension and also the SDF file in format .txt


Thank you


Romaric P


Re: Export data from Step7 to PS



you should rather use the signal mapping tool: you build anExcel file containing the PS signal name in the first column and the S7 symbols in the second column.


The list of PS signal names can be othained by exporting signals from the signal viewer.


if you are using good naming convention, the mapping becomes very easy.


More details on the table format can be found in the documentation.


Best regards



Re: Export data from Step7 to PS

Thank you Bernard, I test what you purposes, but I have again some questions.


In Step7, I create a simple Ouput Signal. I want to use this Ouput as a Program Pause Signal for my robot.


Is it possible ? When I launch my program in sequence editor and Step7 also, if I turn E0.0 in PLCSIM to 1, this will turn A0.0 to 1 and pause the program.


So with your method, I have turn the signal A0.0 to a mnemonic in S7 ("PauseSignal").


In Process Simulate, I go to "Robot Signals", I create an output with signal function "Program Pause" which names "SignalPauseRobot1".


After, I have created my Excel file, in first row I took "SignalPauseRobot1" and in the second row I took "SignalPause", is it correct ?


After, I do my signal mapping tool and my simulation but when I turn A0.0 to True, nothing happens, the program continue and "SignalPause" stay at False ...


I hope you can help me.


For the comprehension, I have attached an image.


PS : Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me ^^




Re: Export data from Step7 to PS



all what you have done regarding signals is fine.


the problem is in the way you modeled the robotic operation.

Usually, robots are not driven by device operations as you did, but by robotic operation, that robotic operation will contain location (i.e. target where the robot has to move.


Once you have created the robotic operation, you have to include them in a robotic program defined as default program (robot/ robotic program inventory.


Then, by editing this program, you can assign a path number (column #Path  to be added to the path editor)  


Then you need to create some more robot signals, you can simply press "create default signals" in the robot signals dialog.


ProgramNumber should correspon to the #Path you have assigned to the robotic operation

StartProgram will start execution of the program

ProgramPause will block the program at the current position


Best regards



Re: Export data from Step7 to PS



PS only handles I\Q addresses, so if you use the European standard (A\E) you might experience issues with mapping. I would think this will impact both External Mapping\Signal Mapping in the same way (the "Address" column only knows I\Q and you are trying to map A\E).


You can switch Simatic to English and try again, I think it should work. 


Kind regards,
Gal Snir