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Export movements from RobotExpert to dynamic multibody simulation



I am currently writing a thesis and it is my task to simulate the movements of a plant , which constists of a robot. The robot (UR10) is handling cables and I want to model their flexible behaviour.


Because of this I want to use the multibody simulation app Motion of Siemens NX and import the cable from Siemens NX Nastran as a flexible part in Motion. To see the stress of the cable while it's handled by the robot I want to use a dynamic multibody simulation. 


Now my problem is, that I don't know how to model the kinematics and the inverse kinematic  of the robot in Siemens NX Motion. I have read that RobCAD, RobotExpert or Process Simulate have a RCS -Module (Robot-Controller-Simulation), which allows it to simulate the movements of the robots realistically. Is it possible to simulate the kinematics of the robot/plant with RobotExpert and somehow import or manually type the results in Siemens NX motion? Or is there anotherway to import the kinematics of the robot to Motion?


I assume, that RobCAD, RobotExpert or Process Simulate can only simulate kinematics and not dynamics or dynamics with flexible parts. So I can't model the behaviour of the cable with them.  Is this true?


Do you think the whole procedure makes sense? I am not sure if there is a better way to solve this problem. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.


With best regards and thanks in advance for your help