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External Kniematics / Kuka KRC / RCS Issue


I have recently created a Kuka Krc4 2700 Extra with an additional 3 axis using Work Visual. All files were generated to load into the same robot on Process Simulate. I have tried to upload the robot with its correct machine data but it fails as the machine data file in the Steu Folder is missing. The robot download files are attached is there something i am not understanding with Works Visual or can i overcome it in the Process Simulate softawre.



Re: External Kniematics / Kuka KRC / RCS Issue

You need a STEU folder for the KUKA RCS. It should be somewhere in WorkVisual, maybe it is common to all types of robots and it is in a central common place..

Re: External Kniematics / Kuka KRC / RCS Issue

Thank you for the reply regarding the Steu Folder, however the attachment on my first post shows the Steu Folder but it only contains the $Custom.dat and the $Option.dat in the Mada folder (See Attachment). The file that is missing from this folder is the $machine.dat, I approached Kuka Uk who informed me the  $machine.dat would be generated once the system created in work visual was deployed to an online robot. I do not yet have this luxury as I am only working virtual for the next two months. Whwn i connect this system in PS the error messge shows that the it cannot copy the $Machine.dat from the $Steu Folder to the robot, this is of course because it does not exist.

I am not sure that the information I got from Kuka UK is correct as the person I spoke with does not use virtual systems. There must be a way of creating the $machine.dat files in the KUKA WV system in the Steu Folder?

Anyone else had this problem?

Thank you in advance.


Re: External Kniematics / Kuka KRC / RCS Issue

Try to use a STEU\Mada\$machine.dat from the standard mada available on GTAC. As far as I could see it is the same file for all robot types.

Re: External Kniematics / Kuka KRC / RCS Issue

Giles that is the correct solution i used it on the same day and Kuka Uk confirmed also.

Thanks for your help.