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[FANUC] Payload data upload



it is possible to upload payload data with the Fanuc-VW controller via csv-format.

But i cannot find a csv-data-format.

How should it look like?


Re: [FANUC] Payload data upload

  • Upload from CSV
  • Uploads payload definitions from a ".csv" or a ".payload" file with the following syntax
    • "Upload Selected" case
      • mass, cg_x, cg_y, cg_z ,lxx, lyy, lzz (in kg, cm and ) 
    • "Upload All" case
      • Payload number, mass, cg_x, cg_y, cg_z ,lxx, lyy, lzz (in kg, cm and

It is in the Fanuc-Rj manual, will be added to the Fanuc-Rj-Vw as well

Re: [FANUC] Payload data upload

Ok, that works. But is it possible to upload the payload comment as well?

Re: [FANUC] Payload data upload

Try to add ", hello" after lzz?

Re: [FANUC] Payload data upload

Hello, I already tried

But this does not upload the comment.
Accepted by topic author MarkusH
‎04-22-2016 03:27 AM

Re: [FANUC] Payload data upload

Indeed, there was a bug. It will be fixed in next release.

Re: [FANUC] Payload data upload

It is fixed in V2.11.1.
Thank you!