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Fanuc RCS problem

Hello together


I have a problem, im trying to link the RCS module from fanuc to PS standalone, I already have followed the steps to install it, (Install Fanuc RCS setup, download an put the j3_rcs_tune_debug.exe, and j3_rcs_tune.exe, edith the rrs.xlm) When I open PS the options of RCS are active, the problem is I can not choose a "manipulatortype", I dont know what I doing wrong? maybe could be configuration of fanuc rcs client, because I dont have the files that appears in the manual instalation (frvcr_client.conf.example, rcsserver.reg, ... )


Has somebody knows why I cant choose a manipulatortype, or where can I found the files that are missing??


Thanksrcs client.JPGcontroller setup.JPG


Re: Fanuc RCS problem

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Siemens Phenom
You need first to install the Fanuc RCS client for Robcad (that contains the missing .dll and .reg) [] and inside put the Fanuc RCS client Tune AddOn for Process Simulate.

Re: Fanuc RCS problem

Excellent, now the rcs works,


Thank you!

Re: Fanuc RCS problem

hello GillesVelay,
how to download fanuc RCS client Tune AddOn for Process Simulate?


Re: Fanuc RCS problem


Just search in the gtac this file: rcsfr13.v6_1_2.TuneAddOn.21_04_2017.client.pc

Re: Fanuc RCS problem

hello Elias Paredes ,
Thanks very much.
by the way, can you give me a manual about how to use fanuc rcs in ps step by step?
thanks in advance.

Re: Fanuc RCS problem

Hello, I sent you a message.