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Fanuc RCS setup for PS 10.1

Has anybody managed to successfully setup and run the rcs for a Fanuc. We use the controller a lot for robcad so i know the server is running but cannot seem to get it to initialise on PS. I have been through all the setup steps. It recognise the right version and all the named manipulator types we use. It looks like it is initialising but then just stops at then end!


When i run V7.70 i get a -68 error GET_NEXT_STEP and for V8.20 i get a -50 error.


We have paid for the correct product and it is up and running so i can't understand why it's not working. We are using named robots for the virtual robots which are working fine in Robcad


Is there any way to keep the visible shell open so i can see why the rcs is not initialising?

Accepted by topic author Duncanb
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Fanuc RCS setup for PS 10.1

All sorted!!


Was a problem with the virtual robot running DCS

Re: Fanuc RCS setup for PS 10.1

Hello Duncanb,


Thanks for giving the solution.

Can you please share some contact details or links to get RCS for FANUC robots?





Re: Fanuc RCS setup for PS 10.1

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RCS for FANUC can be obtained from GTAC or from FANUC local branch. In all cases you need to buy a license.