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Fatal Error: Access Violation

Could you advise the reason for the following message:
Fatal Error: Access Violation. Saving dump file to

Re: Fatal Error: Access Violation



sorry but your request is slightly a bit difficult to answer whitout any detailed information.


- Which software (PS, PD; RE)?

- When does this error occur?







Re: Fatal Error: Access Violation

Hi Patrick,


I am a regular user of PD-tecnomatix and i am frequently getting this Fatal Error: Access Voilation error. Saving dump file to...


I have tried to debug the error but have been able to only gather limited information.


Kindly help me knowing the root cause.




Re: Fatal Error: Access Violation

The error simply reports a crash, which could have hundreds of causes.

If it happens on startup, probably your installation is damaged.

If it happens while working, it maybe a bug or your data is damaged.


If it happens while working, check if you can reproduce it.

If you can: open an GTAC-IR and document the step to reproduce the error.

If you can't:

1. Open Tecnomatix Doctor

2. check Menu>Tools>Dump File Creation>Enable Dump File Creation

3. check Enable diagnostic tool and set a filename

4. work until PD/PS crashes

5. look at the log-file, it tells you, where to find the dump-file xxxx.dmp

6. open an GTAC-IR and upload your .dmp-file

7. hope that a developer will find the cause