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Gripper cant hold the parts


I am using Process Simulate v13.0.2
I have create a PnP operation and in simulation seems good except one thing. part is not gripped by grippers. so its just standing there while robot is making its job. 

How can i fix this



Re: Gripper cant hold the parts

Did you:

  1. has your gripper been defined as gripper in "Tool Definition"?
  2. does one of your gripping entities touch your part?
  3. did you define your "Gripped Object List"?

Re: Gripper cant hold the parts

1. yes my gripper is defined as tool and mounted on the robot and works ok, I do not know if i can use the gripper in pnp(pick and place)operation(op) if i did not define as a tool. 

2. actually in pnp op setting: i defined the pick pose: CLOSE, place pose: OPEN. and i defined pick location (self origin of the part) and place location(a frame into a box) but, i did not understand how gripper recognize the faces of part to touch. I am not sure that definitons are enough?

3. I created pnp operation, and I did not see any request about this definition. 

Please check the picture. 


Re: Gripper cant hold the parts

[ Edited ]

The interesting part is the tool definition.

You need to select the gripping entities that have to be in contact with your part.

On grip, the gripper checks for collision between these entities and the parts in the "Gripped object List".

If any part of the list is colliding with a gripping entity, it will be gripped.

No matter if initiated through Pick&Place, Grip-operation or OLP-command "grip"/"release".


2017-01-12 10_33_53-Process Simulate 13.1 - [IPC-Drives-2015.psz].png

Re: Gripper cant hold the parts

I got it, but i have checked my simulation. Gripper does not get CLOSE pose in pick operation. in collision analysis, there is no collision between gripper and the part.