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Gripper not recognised

I imported a SCHUNK 2 jaw parallel gripper with Import command and assigned "Base class as resource" and "component class as gripper". 


While using "new gripper operation"  and select the gripper cylinder from graphic viewer or from the model tree the gripper is not recognized. 


How to solve this?


Re: Gripper not recognised

What do you exactly mean with recognised?


Is it not possible to select the gripper or the gripper does not perform any movement?

Is there a kinematics for the gripper?


Maybe you can attach a screenshot du highlight your problem!

Accepted by topic author srinaath
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Gripper not recognised

[ Edited ]

It was not possible to select the gripper and so i asked the doubt. From your reply i understood that i have to create kinematics and define it as gripper in tool definition and now its working.


Thanks for the reply.


I don't have a proper help file other than quickstart guide. Could you please suggest me some help files. 


Note: The help page is blank, please refer the attached image.

Re: Gripper not recognised


In the installation files (RobotExpert_DVD) go to the following location:

RobotExpert_V11.0_DVD\Setup\32bit\program files\Tecnomatix\Help


In this folder, there is a file named "" (screenshot). Copy and unzip this file to your system: (maype the *.zip file exists, but it is not unziped.)


I think the help works in this case, but it cannot find the files.



If this is not the problem, use instead of chrome a different browser. Try to use Internet Explorer. (copy the address into Internet Explorer).




Re: Gripper not recognised

The files are already unzipped and found under program files\...\...


The index.html works well with Internet explorer.