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Gripper not recognised




I am currently using RobotExpert trial version and found a problem after saveing the robot simulation operation.


The problem is once I save and close the Cell if I reopen it again the gripper will not be recogognized and the Simulation will work fine but the Gripper will stay constant.


The gripper which is used was my own design and it was Defined in Tool Defination as well. The SImulation will be working fine. 


Can you please help me resolving the problem?


Re: Gripper not recognised

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter



Did you tried re-mounting gripper on robot when you re-open it?


- Sarang

Re: Gripper not recognised


Hello Sarang,


I am glad that you replied, thank you very much.


Yes, I have tried mouting the gripper again but the TCP and Base frame will be changed. If i again import the new gripper and define the Tool Defination the operation path will be processed but the part will not be picked.


We have to again define the path from begining for new gripper mounted.


May i please know the solution.


Thank & Regards,

Gowtham H N 

wipro Ltd.