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Grouping of WeldLocations?

Hi everyone,

I´m using PS & PD 10.1 Standalone. Smiley Wink

I have imported several weld locations via .csv,´s an grouped them in different mfglibraries.

When I drag the libraries into my RobCadStudy, all weldpoints are under the root tree, but without any groups.

Is there any posibility to import them like they are grouped together?


Re: Grouping of WeldLocations?

You can group them in different weldoperations and then look them up in the relations viewer. Do that do the job?

Re: Grouping of WeldLocations?

That´s possible, but awkward.


What I mean is to take over the groups from MFG-Libraries.


Re: Grouping of WeldLocations?

I would again say you should group them in weldoperations. Then they will be grouped nicely in the operation tree.

That can also be done through the csv file. Then have your weldoperations in the study and not the mfg library.

And even maybe group the weldoperations in compound processes and stationprocesses.

If you still think this is awkward you have to give some better arguments why this is awkward.

Re: Grouping of WeldLocations?


try this.

Cretae SWP and then drag the points in.