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Header for robotic programs

Hey guys,

i´m working on a new project. Smiley Wink I´m using PS+PD 10.1 and tried to create a path template to get a header part for my robot programs.


That´s how it should work:

    !Routine zum Bolzenschweissen mit (Werkzeug1),
    !Typ / Grad / Stellung 
    MoveJ ToolHome1,vmax,fine,nomtcp1\WObj:=wobj0;


I have created a path template like that:


<Action Name="Add_Header" LocRange="First" Placed="Before" Description="spezifischen Routinenheader einfuegen">
<Olp RemoveAll ="true"/>
<Olp Name="!*******************************************!"/>
<Olp Name="!***        Routinenbeschreibung         ***!"/>
<Olp Name="!***  Hier koennte Ihre Werbung stehen   ***!"/>
<Olp Name="!*******************************************!"/>



Unfortunately the "header" part is located after the first location, not before - LocRange="First" works, but Placed="Before" is ignored.


PROC p_17_EU6_270()
     MoveJ ToolHome4,vmax,fine,tcp921;
     !***        Routinenbeschreibung         ***!;
     !***  Hier koennte Ihre Werbung stehen   ***!;



Is there a possibility to place the header before the first location?




Betreff: Header for robotic programs

Does nobody has done something like that before? Smiley Sad

Re: Header for robotic programs

Is there a reason you need to do this with path template?More common is perhaps to add this information in a download template.

Re: Header for robotic programs

No, there is no need to do this in a path template. The origin idea was to solve this with the download template, but I couldn´t found information about customising the download template.

Is there an an overview about the possible commands?

Re: Header for robotic programs



you can create a OLP Command with Header information.


You can easy add on path OLP Command the header item.


in download layer you can customize all your information.


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke