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Help Mechanism for Customized Dialogs


Hello everybody,


I have a quite easy question I think but I'm stuck on it anyway.


According to the RoboticsCustomizedUIManual.pdf I want to add a Helpbutton for my customized commands.

I have a simple HTML (MyTest.html) file for testing saved here:

C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_13.0.1\eMPower\Robotics\OLP\Abb-Rapid\CustomizedHelp


this is the code of the MyTest.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="de">

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Sample Help - Custom commands</title>




hello World - this is my sample Text


My OlpConfiguration XML looks like:

<Command Name="XXX"> <RoboticParamRef>
... <Param>Speed</Param> <Param>Zone</Param> </RoboticParamRef> <Layers> <DownloadLayer> ... </DownloadLayer> </Layers> <Dialog Title="MyTest" Help="MyTest.html"></Dialog> </Command>

I also tested the complete path for the Help

...Help="C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_13.0.1\eMPower\Robotics\OLP\Abb-Rapid\CustomizedHelp\MyTest.html"


both without success - the Help button is deactivated.







Where do I have to place the Dialog line in my XML Code?

Do I have to put the HTMLs  into a common Folder directly unter ...Robotics\OLP\CustomizedHelp

or should I use a Help directoty for each controller? (like above)


If anyone could post a sample of a working Help Mechanism this would help also...


Thanks for your help


Re: Help Mechanism for Customized Dialogs

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



the relevant information you will find in detail in "RoboticsCustoimzedUIManual.pdf" under "Online Help  Mechanism for Customized Dialogs".

The pdf is located in your <TMX Installation>\eMPower\Robotics\OLP folder

You need to add the helo definition for OLP commands in:
<Dialog Title="MainGroup|SubGroup|YourCommand" Help="YourHelpfile.html" Description="This is my command" Icon="Icon.ico">



Best regards