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Help Mechanism for Customized Dialogs

Hello everybody,


I have a quite easy question I think but I'm stuck on it anyway.


According to the RoboticsCustomizedUIManual.pdf I want to add a Helpbutton for my customized commands.

I have a simple HTML (MyTest.html) file for testing saved here:

C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_13.0.1\eMPower\Robotics\OLP\Abb-Rapid\CustomizedHelp


this is the code of the MyTest.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="de">

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Sample Help - Custom commands</title>




hello World - this is my sample Text


My OlpConfiguration XML looks like:

<Command Name="XXX"> <RoboticParamRef>
... <Param>Speed</Param> <Param>Zone</Param> </RoboticParamRef> <Layers> <DownloadLayer> ... </DownloadLayer> </Layers> <Dialog Title="MyTest" Help="MyTest.html"></Dialog> </Command>

I also tested the complete path for the Help

...Help="C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_13.0.1\eMPower\Robotics\OLP\Abb-Rapid\CustomizedHelp\MyTest.html"


both without success - the Help button is deactivated.







Where do I have to place the Dialog line in my XML Code?

Do I have to put the HTMLs  into a common Folder directly unter ...Robotics\OLP\CustomizedHelp

or should I use a Help directoty for each controller? (like above)


If anyone could post a sample of a working Help Mechanism this would help also...


Thanks for your help

Accepted by topic author nafets1
‎12-02-2016 12:24 AM

Re: Help Mechanism for Customized Dialogs



the relevant information you will find in detail in "RoboticsCustoimzedUIManual.pdf" under "Online Help  Mechanism for Customized Dialogs".

The pdf is located in your <TMX Installation>\eMPower\Robotics\OLP folder

You need to add the helo definition for OLP commands in:
<Dialog Title="MainGroup|SubGroup|YourCommand" Help="YourHelpfile.html" Description="This is my command" Icon="Icon.ico">



Best regards