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How to create Robot RPR Operation


Hi Dear all


I create robot Operation in Line simulation mode, and transfer it to Program, and according to the program, I created RPR operation and want to run this program in line simulation mode


But not sure why the RPR Op is always empty and nothing in it, when I set it as current operation aslo can not run.


can anybody give suggestion and direction?




Re: How to create Robot RPR Operation

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it´s not empty.

You only need to define your Operations with a path number in it.

Afterwards, create robot default signals.

You will find two very important signals:

- ProgramNumber 

- StartProgram


In SimulationPanel force ProgramNumber to any number you defined as path number and set StartProgram to TRUE.

Afterwards, the robot should start it´s motion.

You can do this ass well with "Robotic Program Inventory".

1. create a new Robot Program

2. set as default program

3. load into path editor (Path # column must be displayed)

4. select operations from Operation Tree and a them to the robot program.

5. Define path numbers


Best regards


Re: How to create Robot RPR Operation

Dear Expert

Thanks for your help and direction, it is resolved .