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How to create custom Home position for a robot

Hello Everyone,


Having an requirement wherein a custom position has to be defined as home position after defining the kinematics of a robot model.


Steps followed:

1. Robot model being obtained in .igs file format

2. Import model to PS Standalone (any version above 12.0)

3. Define kinematics to this robot model

4. provide tcp and baseframe

5. Existing robot position has been taken as home position.

6. Requirement to change the home position as per new position not possible as of now.


Please let me know if there is a way to change home position as per custom requirerment.


Re: How to create custom Home position for a robot

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Do you mean you want this new pose to have joint values of 0 for all joints? Or just to be defined as the default Home pose?


For the first, simply use the "Define as Zero position" button in the Kinematics Editor for any joint which requires it. Bear in mind this might cause the geomtery to jump around (depending on home you work) so please prepare a backup before you do, it might require some playing around to get it right. 


For the latter, Open the Pose Editor for your robot while in modeling, adjust the Home pose and click "Update". This will give you a home pose with non-zero joint values.


Hope this helps,



Kind regards,
Gal Snir