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Import weld locations

Hi guys,


I want to import weld point coordinates with PS /PD 10.1 from an external file (xml, txt) - is this possible?


Re: Import weld locations



You can import into Process Designer using File -> Import -> " Import eBop from file.." and the acceptable formats are .xml, .csv. and .ppd


In Process Simulate using File -> Project Management -> " Import eBop from file.." (if it is not there add from the Tools -> Customize.. window.  Again the acceptable formats are .xml, .csv. and .ppd


If you are working in a disconnected study File -> Import/Export -> Import MFGs


CSV MFG file format and I attached the csv template I have used before.

PmWeldPointCan use weld number hereUse weld numberThis is a comma delimited Part External IDs (EXT_IDPart1,EXT_IDPart2,EXT_IDPart3)This is a comma delimeted location (x,y,z)


Re: Import weld locations



I am using the programm in a disconnected study. And i have used your posted csv file to import weld points but i could not manage it.


Re: Import weld locations

hi altinay,

in your file the parameters are not delimited by commas (csv=Comma Separated Values), but by semicolons.

Probably this is due to your regional settings of Windows, where you have ";" as list-seperator. Then Excel saves it like that. Check by opening the file in a text-editor.

You may replace ";" by "," or change your regional settings.


Re: Import weld locations

[ Edited ]

this type of import table is for PS on EmServer and not for PS Disconnected.

class;Externalld;name;location;operatesOn are not required for import into a disconnect cell.


if you take a look at the PS Help (see pic) there is an example that shows how to create the csv file.


Afterwards, my csv file looks like this. (opened in notepad)

Re: Import weld locations



We could not execute Process Simulate in Teamcenter, and come out error attached. Let us know please  wheather you have solution on this issue.


Can we open/import process(MPP) in process simulate by using process simulate standalone?  

Re: Import weld locations

I have tried the csv file as youurs. error log file and scv in attached

Re: Import weld locations

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lets try this.




X = 10.5

Y = 20

Z = 300.7

Re: Import weld locations

Is this also possible for continuous MFGs?

Re: Import weld locations

Hello Patrik,


had a query on similar grounds, is it possible to import weldpoints wrt any frame in the study.


eg. Self frame or working frame or any custom built frame in existing study.