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Invert Mouse



Is there a possibility to invert your mouse? When I work in the graphic view on a RobCadStudy and I move the mouse to the right (while holding the right mousebutton) it goes to the left. The same with Up and Down. Can I change that in the settings? So when I am moving the mouse up the view goes up too?




Re: Invert Mouse



I assume you refer to the rotation.

There is an option in the Graphic Viewer tab of the Options menu (F6) to change the roation method from Wald around object to Rotate object.


I think that is what you are looking for.




Re: Invert Mouse

Not really. I mean the right-left and up-down movement. I think I can explain this best with an example. Think of it like you stand there in front of the facility. If I hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to the right I actually stand still and I move the facility to the right of my view so I see the left part of it. BUT I want to move with the mouse and the facility schould stand still, so if I move the mouse to the right my view goes to the right part of the facility. (mouse right means turn head right - like in a video game) Is that possible? Is there an option for that? Changing the rotation does not help.

Re: Invert Mouse

Try to change the setting under Tools / Options / TcVis Users.

This will change the rotation you are referring to.b


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Re: Invert Mouse

I am not referring  to the rotation. I already changed the rotation in Options to "Vis User".


Rotation is by holding the Right Mouse Button and the Middle Mouse Button at the same time. I am referring to the movement with only the Right Mouse Button.


So, please no more answers how to change the rotation mode. Thanks.

Re: Invert Mouse

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Re: Invert Mouse

Process Simulate has a different navigation philosophy, than a CAD-system.

It works like Robcad and Robcad works like this since 30 years.

You do not turn the object like in CAD, but you turn the camera around the scene. This is why it feels strange for you. You'll get used to it.


On the other hand we are in discussion, if we can make it completly customizable.

We'll see...


Re: Invert Mouse

[ Edited ]

The original question at the top of this thread refers to the "pan" function or sliding the view around on the screen. This is accomplished by holding down the right-mouse button and moving the mouse freely, as stated. In this case, the fact that the view moves left when moving the mouse to the right is simply incorrect behaivor. If there is not a setting to correct this, then I suspect that something else is going on here. MD87, does this properly describe what you are experiencing?

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Re: Invert Mouse

I think he says that when he holds the right button and move the mouse to the right, he sees the object moving to the right of the screen (which is the default behavior). He wants to know if there is an option to revert this behavior (meaning when moving the mouse to the right, it would move the eye to the right, hence the object to the left).

I do not know if there is such option...

Re: Invert Mouse

...seems I still did not understand the problem.


But here is a recommendation:

If you want the navigation fully customizable, you might by a spacemouse.

e.g. Amazon: 69EUR

Here you can define a detailed behavior for any 3d and 2d software.