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Issue with FANUC RCS & SOP - RobCAD




I'm just keeping having issues with the combination of FANUC RCS/RobCAD Smiley Happy


I'm expereiencing and issue with some uploaded programs taken from FANUC robots on the shopfloor, when I simulate the programs with the OLP->Simulation page commands everything works well, the program runs from start to finish without issues, but when I create a SOP and assign the robot/path on the operation sequence and initiate the simulation, at some point the robot stops and I get some messages on the command prompt like the following:


118 RJ3 REQUEST NEXT STEP is returned with:

      STATUS:               1 - NEW DATA NEEDED


the time on the SOP window keeps going but the robot stop as if it is waiting for something (signal wait is not enabled for the sim as the signals are not yet configured on the cell) and there is no more messages in the shell prompt.


I don't have this issues on all the robots or in all of the workcells I work with but only happens with the SOP commands and sometines I need to test the sequence for several robots and get and estimate for the CT of the whole workcell.


Has someone experienced this behavior with RobCAD? Or have some advaice/workaround to correct this issue?


Any help on the topic is appreciated.


Thanks in advanced.


Best Regards