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KUKA robot import issue (XML error)




I'm having issues converting a certain Robcad file from the KUKA website.
I tried to convert some other robots from their website, but I struggle with converting the kr 90 r3100 extra. This seems to be an XML error.


"The applicatin can't import the XML file. C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_12.1.1\Add-Ons\Libraries\kr90r3100extra.xml"


"Conversion finished with errors: C:\Users\Maxime\Downloads\Extra\
INFO     [2016-03-03 17-10-35]    ----------------------------- Start CAD2COJT ------------------------------    [CAD2COJT_2001]
INFO     Command line: Input file: C:\Users\Maxime\Downloads\Extra\ | Destination folder: C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_12.1.1\Add-Ons\Libraries | Output file: C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_12.1.1\Add-Ons\Libraries\kr90r3100extra.cojt | Log file: C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_12.1.1\Add-Ons\Libraries\Cad2Cojt_kr90r3100extra_20160303_171035.log | -ForceUpgradeApproximation    [CAD2COJT_2004]
INFO     Start conversion of file: C:\Users\Maxime\Downloads\Extra\    [CAD2COJT_2012]
ERROR    Failed to convert to .cojt file: C:\Users\Maxime\Downloads\Extra\    [CAD2COJT_4005]
ERROR    Failed to convert to .cojt file: C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_12.1.1\Add-Ons\Libraries\kr90r3100extra.cojt\kr90r3100extra.jt    [CAD2COJT_4005]
ERROR    Failed to convert file: C:\Users\Maxime\Downloads\Extra\    [CAD2COJT_4004]
INFO     [2016-03-03 17-10-40]    ------------------------------ End CAD2COJT -------------------------------    [CAD2COJT_2009]"


Does anyone have a solution for this issue? Or does anyone have the .cojt of the kr 90 r3100 extra?


Kind regards,


Re: KUKA robot import issue (XML error)

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Siemens Legend

Hello M_Santermans


Some Robots in Robcad format downloaded from the vendors website are modeled as Robcad "Super-Components" and cannot be upgraded this way into COJT format.


They can be upgraded into a CO with JT format using the library reference option in Upgrade to Version, but modeling changes won't be possible.


In order to create the COJT of the robot, you'll need to open it in Robcad, re-organize it as a simple Resource (and not a Super Component) and than upgrade the resulting .CO into A .COJT.


Kind regards,
Gal Snir