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Kinematics editor

I need to assign kinematics for a clamping fixture which has horizontal and vertical movement.


The "Part clamp" is mounted on the "Clamp-vertical unit" and in turn this is mounted on "Clamp-Horizontal unit". 


Now the "Clamp vertical unit" will move horizontally and then "Part clamp" has to move vertically.


I have assigned all the parts of "Clamp vertcal unit"(green color) including "Part clamp" as one link and horizontal cyl base(orange color) as one link to achieve the horizontal movement.


For the vertical movement I tried to assign the "part clamp" as a new link, but the kinematics editor doesn't allow a same entity to be used for two different links.


How my requirement can be met?


refer the attached image

Accepted by topic author srinaath
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Kinematics editor



you have created just 2 links, but you have 3 moveable "objects". In this case it is not enough.


For the definition of the links you just have to define a "base" (fixed and does not move) and the moveable part (not fixed).
Finally you have to create the joint between the different links.

Re: Kinematics editor

Yes it is working.

Re: Kinematics editor

Ok, very good!