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Kuka OLP divide to .dat and .src

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I have a problem with Kuka controler where after dowload program from PS i get 3 files. I have some comands in OLP commands and some line need to be in .dat file and another in .src file. How can i show a destination each line or commands in OLP commands ? Problem concerns a command for arc welding.


Re: Kuka OLP divide to .dat and .src


.olp file is not used on real robot, it's only for information - it has tool/base/load data inside.

All the commands you enter in PS are stored in .src file. If after download you open .src file and don't see all the commands you entered than that's the problem with the syntax you use. Basically wrong syntax leads to .src file where all those wrong command are just skipped. But they are shown in .user file as .user file shows you exactly what was entered in PS.

So...check your syntax (something like Makro 20 instead of MAKRO20 and so on).