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Kuka RCS Installation

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Can you help me with instalation RCS module for Kuka krcs 8.3/8.2.

Please describe all process step by step, if it isn't difficult.


Now i already do it this:


1) download

rcs_kuka_WIN_krc8.3_r14.00_09.05.2014_PC. zip,, 

from Siemens PLM Download Server.


2) change the rrs.xml for this:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>
<Controller Name="Kuka-Krc">
<Version Name="8.3">
<ModuleName>C:\cad\Tecnomatix_12.1.3\RCS module Kuka\rcs_kuka_WIN_krc8.3_r14.00_09.05.2014_PC\rrs_bin\rcs_krc1\krc8.3_r14\bin\rcskrc1_tune.exe</ModuleName>
<!--ModulePathName is not mandatory in PS-->
<ModulePathName>ENTER HERE: The full path to the rcs module path (for this version)</ModulePathName>



3)select RCS version in this menu:



But when i am trying to simulate process emerge next errors:

- The RCS-Module could not be initialized. Reason: The ModuleName specified in rrs.xml file, doesn't exist.
- The RCS-Module for the Kuka-Krc controller, could not be initialized - srez_0 was simulated disconnected from RCS.


I'am using Process Simulate v.12.1.3 and my robot is Kuka quantec Kr 300 r 2500 ultra foundry


Re: Kuka RCS Installation



  Please note: Not all module of robot ( KUKA/ABB) in Tecnomatix can be used to do RCS OLP simulation. Look at the content in .co or .cojt files. Does it contain sub folder called .rrs ? if no. it would not be able to do RCS simulation since manipulator info are within .rrs folder. this is why you can't see in your PS command.  


  You can easily compare those robot models who had .rrs folder and those don't have. see the difference. maybe for the reason of popularity of models to be used. some of them have, but some others don't. 



Re: Kuka RCS Installation

Hello. My problem in installation kuka rcs is spaces in directory with rcs. When I correct this mistake our module is validate.


rcs module.PNGBut i don't understand why the RRS folder is needed. I download robot from kuka web site and download KRC4-KSS_83_b105_RRS1Structure from Siemens PLM Download Server. Then I choose R1, Steu, config folders in controller settings and connect with rcs.

Currently I dont have result because i have got some problems with license file. When i get a new license - i'll report you.


Re: Kuka RCS Installation

Have you uploaded MADA before the initialization of the RCS?

Re: Kuka RCS Installation


I'am loaded only machine Data. Our files are taken from KRC4-KSS_83_b105_RRS1Structure.Снимок.PNGMada is loaded from Robot backup.


Re: Kuka RCS Installation

I think you need to load MADA data ( R1/Stu/Config) from MADA folder before testing connection.

if license ok. it will run. but you need to make sure the data in MADA folder is correct one referring to the model in PS. 

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‎09-12-2016 04:39 AM

Re: Kuka RCS Installation