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Kuka RCS



I am working with KUKA lbr iiwa 14 r820 for simulation of the assembly line in standard mode in process simulate.

Now I want to add sensor and signals and I want to go to the line module because I want to simulate the human-robot collaboration methods( hand guiding, speed and separation monitoring, safety-rated monitored stop, power force limiting ).

if I want to use these methods in simulation, I should to able to control speed, control the force and so on somebody told me I need RSC module for my simulation. 

I confused I don't know exactly what I need for my simulation. 

how can I have different speed in one trajectory? for example, when human is near the robot, the sensor should be active and reduce the velocity of the robot. or how I can use hand guiding method or how I control the force when the robot contacted to the human.