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Line Simulation



i have some questions regarding Line Simulation in Process Simulate 12.1.

I've already created an Object Flow Operation and the Material Flow Viewer and it worked well.

In Signal Viewer i created a Signal called "FIRST" & "FALSE".

On the Object Flow Operation i attached an SignalEvent to Signal "First" and created a Non Sim Operation called "false" with the Transition of "false" (with a link to all Robots).

At the moment only my part is moving but no robots (because of "false").

On the first position i've made a sensor which checks the position.

How can i easily start the Robot?

I hope someone of you can help me.

Best regards



Re: Line Simulation

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Siemens Phenom


you could create a "Robot Start Signal".


The other way is to start it by sending a path-number and a start-signal.

Therefor you need to collect your robot pathes using the "Robot Program Inventory".

(Note: once the pathes are in the RPI, they will be ignored by the sequence editor and have to be started directly, using signals or OLP commands.)

Add the path# column to the number to the path-editor and type in some number.


As shown in the picture, you can also start a cell-program (main-program) on simulation start. And keep it in an endless loop to call pathes depending on signal-conditions from there.