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Module Logic



We are setting up a simulation with Siemens S7 - PLCSim - NettoOPCSim and an OPC server. This all works fine and we can send and receive signals between Process Simulate and the PLC.


We are trying to add some logic now to simulate safety, press buttons etc.


We want to set a robot output automatically (input on plc) if an expression is fulfilled.

We tried to do this in a module like shown attached but when we run the program in line simulation mode the output does not set when the expression is fulfilled.


Any thoughts what the problem could be?


Re: Module Logic



Try to use Logic Blocks.

There will be much more about on this forum.



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‎03-11-2016 07:13 AM

Re: Module Logic

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[edit]: oops, double post, while I was writing


this is normal behavior, as modules are used to mimic parts of the not existing PLC, while simulating in CEE-mode.

They are completely ignored during any PLC-connected simulation.


To do what you want, you could:

a) add a robot-signal, connected directly to the PLC and use OLP-commands to set the value

b) add a Logic-Block with needed entries/exits, connect your signals and add your expression to the exit




why are you using OPC in combination with PLCSim and don't connect to it without OPC?

Advantages are time-synchronization and probably also performance....


Re: Module Logic

Thanks for the answers, it is working now. We are doing some tests with 2 students. One is doing the PLC / HMI part and the other one is doing the Process Simulate part, that is why we are using OPC between both computers.


Have a nice weekend!

Re: Module Logic

Hi R_Cloesen


Maybe you can share some of your results once you are finished if you are able to?

I think the forum could defintely benefit from such experience!



Kind regards,
Gal Snir