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Module/Macro to mimic real robot signals


I have a virtual PLC communicating to a PS robot. (v14.1.2) I understand the default signals but the real robot (Fanuc) has additional signals. I'd like to create these signals so I can use the same PLC logic for the simulation as the real robot on the floor.


I believe I can do this with a robot module but looking through the help there doesn't appear to be any information on how to create a module. Or should I be doing this in a Logic Block? (I think I read somewhere LB's don't work in PLC mode but I could be wrong. I haven't tried this yet)




Re: Module/Macro to mimic real robot signals

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Virtual Commiosioing is a complex domain so I would first advise to try and find some training.

Siemens conducts such trainings from time to time and other service providers also do so, I would advise contacting your local support to see the options there.


In general - creating robot signals is best done via the Signal MApping Tool.

In PS 14.1.2 you can refer to the "Signal Mapping Tool" topic in the PS help (Home > Working with viewers > Signal Viewer > Signal mapping and robotic signal creation > Signal Mapping Tool).

PS includes a basic Excel template for robot signals creation under ..empower\plc\mapping templates (SignalMappingTemplate_eMS.xlsx) which you can use to import Robot Signals to a single or to multiple robots. 

This template also includes some comments on how to use it which you can leverge. 


The Robot Modules application roughly expects to get the real Modules (term depends on the Robot Vendor used...) form the robot backup. Modules are called via the Robot Programs (paths) just like on the real robot, but most often there's much more to this in order to properly use the system, which brings me back to my origianl reccomendation. 


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