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Motion Control in Process Simulate 13.0




I would like to have a device in Process Simulate which movement is controlled by a drive (as in real life: the motor is controlled by a drive based on the position feedback from an encoder). So the device should get speed/position set values and continuously send actual position values (encoder) to the drive/plc, and based on that feedback: some positioning/speed control of the device would be possible. I know that the device including some logic behavior could be done but will there be any limitations that I will face?


How accurate motion is achievable by this kind of a PS simulation and which PLC connection should be used: SIMIT Emulation, SIMIT OPC or just OPC without SIMIT software, what about PLCSIM Advanced?  Is any advantages achieved by using time-synchronized connection?


Do I face any problems with the update rate of my connection?


There are lots of questions but help regarding any question will be appreciated!



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Re: Motion Control in Process Simulate 13.0

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Hello SaMe

I hope I can answer some of your questions than:


1. You can achieve accurate motion with PS - at least to the extent of no overshoot or no major errors during drive motion using a Smart Component with Velocity\Acceleration controlled Actions and a Joint Distance Sensor (some inaccuracies during motion will defintely occur, but nothing which should hold you back).

2. You can use any PLC connection for this, but how you model the LB might be influenced by synchorinzed\async connections. PLCSIM Advanced is not yet released, so its hard to say.

3. Update Rate: you will need to fine tune the LB\update rate\simulation speed so that no overshoot is achieved (usually this means to set the speed and update rate and then adapt the LB).


Kind regards,
Gal Snir