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NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

I have a job that requires converting a Catia NC path to Krc.


My plan is to upload the Catia NC aptsource file to RE using the NC-Code controller and then add Kuka attributes and Download using the Krc controller.


I am having a few problems with the upload, which I think are caused by some elements of the aptsource file format.

I am currently playing around with the basic aptsource code to make it work but have as yet not been able to find a .SI example for reference.


Does anyone have a good example of what does upload to the NC-Controller happily?


Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

I suggest you create a simple path and download it with NC-CODE controller, you will get an example of the syntax supported by upload.

Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

Thanks Gilles, this will certainly get me started, but I don't think it will show me the full instruction set that the controller can handle, or maybe it will?

Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

The important part to be aligned with is the motion instruction (motion type and coordinates) and motion parameters (speed, etc...). The so called "Olp Commands" syntax is not important for upload capabilities as they are mostly uploaded as free strings.

Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

Hi Gilles,

I have created a simple test cell and made some downloads which have been quite successful. I have not found how to include location angles in the download. Do you have any more suggestions please?



Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

Unfortunately, only joint angles for orientation are currently fully supported. The other modes are available in the setup, but not implemented yet at download...

Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

Thanks, that seems to work. I guess I can create a custom xml to suit the format that I need.


I just did a download (attached) and a direct upload. There are some strange transforms going on that I can't understand. The first locations (relative to G53) upload correctly but the following G54 and G55 frames are shifted and then shift the following locations. Am I misunderstanding the intended behaviour? Can you tell what is happening from the attached file?

Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

Without the support of orientation angles, it will be difficult. XML Motion customization should work for download (I guess you plan to use dynamic parameters RX, RY, RZ?), but it will not work for upload as NC-Code Upload does not currently support XML Motion customization...

Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

mmm.. It's the upload that I really need.. 


I can't work out what's happening with the standard upload. The xyz is ok but the location angles are not uploading as I expected. If I send you my cell are you able to take a look at it?

Re: NC-Code (.SI format) Upload

As I wrote, only joint values are supported for orientations. The G54 bases will be used only for X,Y,Z. And here you are working with a robot, so no way in this case to understand which joints are meant for the TCP orientation (with NC machine with prismatic axes, it is easier to determine and NC-Code was initially written for NC machines).

In the current version, with a 6 axes robot, only full joint coordinates will work (including for translation). And you need to write J1=123.45.6 in order that the traling 1 of the joint name does not clash with the value ; otherwise rename the robot joints with other names.