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New cell : how to create it ?

Hello Everybody,


I am new with robot expert and it is still difficult for me to get the way to do the things.

I am trying to set up a new cell representative to the physical one we have in the company.

It is Flexarc IRBP R-600 D1200 L2000 wotj a Robot Single IRB 2600ID 8/2,00m.


I got most of the 3D data from ABB already .


My question is about the robot itself, i cannot find the same robot in the standard library RobotExpert and i wanted to know how to create a compatible model for robotexpert from standard 3D models ?

I have at my disposition NX 10, RobotExpert V12 and SolidEdge ST7.


Thank yo uvery much for your help,

Regards, Hugo


Re: New cell : how to create it ?

The ABB robot models in Robcad format (convertible to Robot Expert with upgradetoversion) are usually available from ABB website.

Re: New cell : how to create it ?

Hello Gilles,


Thanks for the answer. So the RobCad is supposed to work for robotexpert .

in the files i downloaded from ABB site i got this :


I dont see any file looking like model or something. can you tell me how to use this Robcad file please ?


Thank you very much ,


Best regards,



Re: New cell : how to create it ?

This is .co folder which is the Robcad component format.


There is a convertor from Robcad format (co) to Process Simulate / Robot Expert format (cojt), in Process Simulate. It is called UpgradeToVersion (under eMPower). I do not know if it has been made available on Robot Expert...

Accepted by topic author hugoregis
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: New cell : how to create it ?



In Robot Expert select File -> Import/Export -> Convert CAD Files

In the Covert CAD Files select Add... change the Files of type: field by clicking the drop down arrow (you can see all the types RBX converts) to Tecnomatix Components (*.co,*.cojt)

Browse to where the .co file is located, select it, and hit Add

VERIFY the Target Folder Path: is where you want to put the converted model (it must be under your libraryroot, defined in Tools -> Options -> Library tab)

Chane the Base class = Resource and the Component class = Robot

In the Options section check Insert component and then OK


Now that you have everthing defined for the conversion from .co format to a RBX format select Convert

A dialogue will open with a status, select OK and wholla a robot converted from Robcad (.co) format to RBX format (.cojt) is created.


Many robot models can be found on GTAC under Downloads & Uploads -> Produc Updates = Tecnomatix Directory -> Robot_Models

Re: New cell : how to create it ?

Hi thank you very much for the help .

I just didn't understand before that i have to select the folder named .co to convert the data but now it is ok .

Very good , thank you again .