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OLP Command doesnt read a robot signal - CEE

Hello Everybody,


I am having a problem with a OLP Command in a CEE Simulation. (PS 11.1)


I ve creaded 2 signals into Robot Signals. ("selectSx", "selectDx")




I am trying put a IF OLP Command into a Main program. I put in the right way and the simulation doesent go ahead, and when I push pause give me a error "Signals are currently ignored".  (I've tested in another PC and it works), 


#If selectSx AND NOT selectDx then
# CallPath Prelievo_staffa_sx_226
# CallPath Spalmatura_sx_226
# CallPath Deposito_staffa_sx_226
# CallPath Weld_Op10_226_sx
#If selectDx AND NOT selectSx then
# CallPath Prelievo_staffa_226_dx
# CallPath Spalmatura_226_dx
# CallPath Deposito_staffa_226_dx
# CallPath Weld_Op10_226_dx



Must I have another configuration?



Accepted by topic author Rafael_Luiz
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: OLP Command doesnt read a robot signal - CEE

For the signals to be active you need:

1) to be in Line Simulation Mode

2) to simulate the Line Operation (root node)

3) to make sure signals are not explicitly ignored (in Tools / Options / Motion, there is a "Ignore Signals" option)

Re: OLP Command doesnt read a robot signal - CEE



I ve just found it on Options>Motion.


Thanks Gilles Velay I found it few minutes  before you anwser, but thanks for atention.