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OLP Commands in Tecnomatix PSR v.12




I am a fairly new PSR user looknig for some help!


Whenever i have OLP commands assinged to my operations the simulation does not replay in path editor.


As soon as i remove any OLP commands the simulation runs through fine.


This makes making quick changes/tweaks very time consuming and i am wondering if this is a defect in my install or if others have the issue? I am using PSR v.12 in standard mode linked with Teamcenter10.



Thanks for any advice in advance!


Betreff: OLP Commands in Tecnomatix PSR v.12



what happens if you check the options

Ignore signals in robotic simulation

Ignore logic in OLP commands


F6->Motion-Tab->Group Robotics

Betreff: OLP Commands in Tecnomatix PSR v.12

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Siemens Legend

Are you refering only to OLP commands placed on the operation level itself or also to OLP commands placed on locations? 


Are you using Default controller? 

You could try reinstalling it from the GTAC website. Just make sure and download the matching version.

If you have other controllers installed you could try switching the robot to them in order to see if they work or fail as well. 



Kind regards,
Gal Snir