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OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1

Hi all,


I would like to have a cell, where a PLC starts all robot operations through OPC. I assume I have to do this in Line simulation mode. I have added an externel connection and it is valid. I have an input and an output signal connected to the robot. I would like to have a situation:

- first operation/via waits for a bool signal, value true

- last operation/via sends a bool signal, value true

I have added OLP commands (WaitSignal and SendSignal). The simulation stops with an error: Signal "signalname" not found, value 0 is assumed. I have set the PLC Signal Name exactly what it is in the symbol table. It does not work, what am I doing wrong? Should the PLC Signal Name be like: $IN[singalname] ? It also does not work, when I am not connecting the signals to the PLC. I know it is a quite basic question in Robot Signal handling but I am stucked.


Thanks in advance.

King regards,


Tamás Jávor

Accepted by topic author Tamas_Hu
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1

You need to be in Line Simulation mode and need to simulate the Line Operation level in the Sequence Editor (and not a sub compound operation). Maybe that is the reason for your problem.


In the Olp Commands, you should use as signal names, the names you see in "Robot Signals".

Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1

Thank you very much for your help.

I had to solve another problems, but now it is working.


King regards,


Tamás Jávor

Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1



I'm struggling with a similar problem. My connection is valid and I can add working signals to my study (signals changes when I set real input to 1).

But the problem is that my simulation does nothing when I hit “Play”. This happens also before I even add my signals (if I'm using CEE the robot executes the operations endlessly if there aren't any signals added to via locations).

So is there some necessary configurations in Process Simulate which I should do?

Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1

Your problem is, that only in CEE-mode you can start operations using the transition-condition.

But in PLC-mode all transitions from the Gantt-chart are ignored.


There are three ways to start a robot in PLC-mode:

1. create a start-signal for your robot-operation: select your operation, then: "CEE/Signal Generation/Create Robot start signal". Then play and trigger this signal.

2. add the default signals in "robot signals" and use "programNumber" and "startProgram"

3. use the cell (main) -program of the robot and call a path via OLP commands

Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1

Thank you for the support. I've now been able to do some simple simulations using robot but now I want to add some object flows into my project. It seems to be a little hard because everything works great on CEE but not when I'm using OPC.


I tried to create object flow signals and use them as a trigger but couldn't get it working.

I also tried to use LB but not so sure why even that isn't working like in CEE.


A little help would be appreciated!

Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1

And I'm using Process Simulate on Teamcenter.

My LB does work on Standalone version of Process Simulate.

I am able to trigger object flow (part appearance) in Standalone using OPC but the problem is to do the same on PS on TC.

Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1



Is there any possible way to start human Walk / Grasp / Place object operations in OPC simulations?

It seems that I am not able to create any Start / Stop signals to these operations which I could use to control the human movements.

I have updated to Process Simulate version 12.0TR1.



Kind Regards,





Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1

Hi SaMe,

until a few weeks ago we never got the request to mix Human and eventbased simulation.

But currently this topic is under investigation.

Unfortunately it's not enough to simply enable the command, as e.g. grasping would change from part to appearance.


Re: OPC communication in Process Simulate 11.1




I met same problem when I do the learning for PS software, I define the robot sinal name in "Robot Signals" as attach photo1 , and in OLP commands, put send signal and Wait signal, but always error happened, can you please give direction?