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Operation in line simulation with PLCSIM


Hi community


In line simulation mode I defined a device with two poses. I did a device operation and create device start signal that I use for start condition in operation’s transition. In the Simulation Panel I added signals, one key signal and one device start signal. I do a little program in TIA Portal to test the communication and when I start the key signal in PS the output is activated in TIA Portal and the device start signal is activated too in PS but the device doesn’t move.


With this method I can do an object flow operation but the other operations don’t work. I try to do a non-sim operation with link for activated the other operations but it also doesn’t work.

How can I use operations in line simulation in PLCSIM simulation? I joint pictures for better explain.


Thanks for your answer




Re: Operation in line simulation with PLCSIM

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Usually operations from the Gantt-diagram are ignored during PLC connected simulation.

Because the PLC-program is controlling from now on.

Nevertheless, you can force the execution of an operation by using the "create operation start signal"-generated signal.


But in general the better way is to connect signals directly to your devices, not through operations.

Use "Create LB Pose Action And Sensor" for your device and connect signals to the generated entries and exits of your device.

You should consult the online help, chapters "Logic behavior" and "signal generation".

Re: Operation in line simulation with PLCSIM

Thank you for your help GuidoDamm