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Re: Operation time vs. Joint speed value (PS 12.0TR1)

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Siemens Phenom
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You can either define a gripper on your device and grip your part.

Or you add an operation to your material-flow viewer, that gets the appearance handed over. On this Operation you can add an attach event in the sequence-editor.
 You might simply do that with the operation that puts the part onto the device and raise the event at the end of the operation.

Re: Operation time vs. Joint speed value (PS 12.0TR1)


Hello GuidoDamm and thanks for the quick reply again,


I have now updated my Tecnomatix to 12.1.


I tried the first option and defined my device as a gripper. I had to do simple logic block for the grip and release operation controls to use them at the correct time. And now it is working!


You said I could use material-flow viewer but I am not quite sure how should I do that because there wasn't any operations on my device before I added grip and release operations?

And I am using a robot to give the appearance to the device, so I also tried to use attach on OLPs but it will generate an unexpected appearance at the start of robot operation where I used the Attach command.



Best regards