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Own Controller in RobotExpert



is it possible to create his own controller in RobotExpert?

I know it from Robcad where i can build up and download functions.


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Re: Own Controller in RobotExpert

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i think for RE you can do something similar like you know it from Robcad.


In your OLP folder e.g. Kuka-Krc-Bmw you will find the folder "ExternalApplications". If not you can create it. In this folder copy your *.exe file, which you have created by yourself. If you start a download from RE the download will be created but additionally your applications is also executed with functionality for your application!


Re: Own Controller in RobotExpert

My last activity in Robcad was with Version 7.51.

There you can create perl scripts for the up and download.

And you can define a special Controller in the .robcad file.


When i can find a sample or tutorial to create my own exe it will be great.

Re: Own Controller in RobotExpert

so it is the same like the ExternalApplications.


it is up to you. you can create an exe file in c# or and you can create any function you want.

Re: Own Controller in RobotExpert

There is no real tutorial to create a controller, but it is possible to do so via the Tecnomatix .Net API. The documentation is under eMPower\TecnomatixSdkHelp.

You should implement one or several dlls, that you should put somewhere under eMpower\Robotics\Olp.

These dlls should include classes that implements following .Net interfaces: ITxRoboticDownloader (for download), ITxRoboticProgramUploader (for upload), ITxRobotSimulationController (for MOP simulation) or ITxRRSController (for RRS simulation), ITxRobotSetup (for Robot Setup), ITxRoboticControllerServices (for the list of controller versions, and other controller specific implementation of standard PS menus), ITxOLPEditor (for the OLP editor that opens when double clicking in Olp Commands columns in Path Editor), ITxOlpRobotControllerParametersHandler (for the Path Editor columns) and ITxTeachPendant (for the Teach Pendant).

These classes should be marked with .Net attribute TxControllerAttribute to specify the name of the controller (the names of the dlls, the names of the classes, even the exact location of the dlls under eMpower\Robotics\Olp do not matter. Only this .Net attribute make the relationship between the code and the name of the controller.).