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PS 10.1 connection with Simba PNIO



I hope that someone can help me. 

I'm working with PS 10.1 and I need to use SImba for connecting to PLC.

In PS 11 It is possible to use the specific setting for SIMBA connection, in PS10.1 this features is not present, but is it possible to use the SimbaOPC. 

I'm able to set the SimbaOPC from the OPC configuration, and to see all the signals inside the SimbaPNIO (i.e S000I250.1, let consider only 1 signal).


My problem is when I try to run the simulation. I have th error: 

Item S000I250.0 ,1: OPC_E_UNKNOWNITEMID: the item definition doesn’t exist in the servers adress spac.


If I use a calssic OPClcient I'm able to moniotr the signals. With all the other OPC (siemens/rockwell) the communication PS-PLC works fine.


There is any special configuration or setting to apply before start?


Thank you


Re: PS 10.1 connection with Simba PNIO

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


I'm not sure I did understand completely...

Some comments:

1. You cannot connect to Simba using OPC, todays Simba-interface connects directly to the Simba API

2. AFAIK the Simba-Interface was never officially released for V10.1 (just as prototype for selected customers)

3. I believe the newest SimbaPro SW offers an OPC-server. But I'm sure, that none of our customers is using it, as they can connect using the direct-interface to Simba


If possible you should consider to upgrade, as 10,1 is more than 3 years old (May 2012).

We just released version 12.1.2, which is quite a leap, compared to 10.1.

Especially when running PLC-connected simulations.


Re: PS 10.1 connection with Simba PNIO

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Gears Phenom



Install a new PS Version. the new version has include the normal simba connection.


Do you test your OPC connection with a other OPC Client?

A very good OPC Server / client is INAT


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke