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PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving



Process Simulate 12.1.1 Standalone crashes every time when trying to save the study. No errors messages or anything, just fast shutdown of the software. Any suggestions? Thanks.






Re: PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving

First of all you may open an IR if you can upload your data to GTAC. This may help future versions to respond properly in such a case.

But in order to solve your problem:
Something in your data must be fishy. Some object, some relation, whatever.
You will have to delete something, store and try to reload until you identify the causing object.

My way is to copy my psz several times.
Then I first test if it's operation or part/resource by deleting each whole tree.
After that you need to track down the object by deleting parts of your tree, storing and reloading. ect, ect, ect...

Re: PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving

Thanks for your response.


I don't see this is a study related issue as the software crashes when saving an empty study as well. PS crashes immediately when hitting any of the save functions without even opening the save dialog. I installed and tested previous version (12.1) and it worked fine. I'll try that IR.



Re: PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving

If it crashes with an empty study, there might be something wrong with your installation or configuration.


Possibly you can try:

1. Deleting the PS viewer saved layout from %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Tecnomatix

2. If that doesn't help, un-install & re-install PS.



Re: PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving

Weird. I use PS StandAlone 12.1.1 too and saving works is fine.



Re: PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving

I reinstalled it, but still it crashes when saving. When i open and existing study, then the saving dialog shows and i'm able to save the study. So it seems to crash only when saving new study for the first time.


I installed PS 12.1 and 12.1.1 exactly same way, but only 12.1 runs correctly. Does PS generate any log or dump files?


Re: PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving



Try to do this to see the log file getting generated,


Goto LMtools-----> Config Services-----> In "Path to debug log file----->View Log


In this check for any errors getting generated.


You could post the log file or the error that you are gettting to furthur investigate.

Re: PS 12.1.1 Standalone crashes when saving

[ Edited ]

Better to use Tecnomatix Doctor:

1. Start - Tecnomatox - Administration Tools - Tecnomatix Doctor

2. Tools - Tecnomatix Application Logs

3. Set the path, filename, ...

4. Run Process Simulate



However, this is typical issue for the GTAC support, not for the forum.