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PS RCS application messages


As you know when a robot is running in Line Sim in the left down corner you can see the RCS application messages related to the robot, such as (wait for start_signal). My problem is when you have several robots, the application messages randomly show one robot logic, and it seems not possible to understand what the other robots are doing or waiting.

Someone of you knows if there is any option to see the application messages of all the robot at the same time?


thanks for the support!




Betreff: PS RCS application messages



you have two ways.


1. press pause   copy the complete text from Info window to Notepad++ and filter the robots.

2. in version 13.0 you have a new viewer. these viewer allows in play mode to see what each robot needs.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Betreff: PS RCS application messages

Thanks for your answers, I need the messages when the simulation is running, so I should wait for version 13....





Betreff: PS RCS application messages

FYI: actually V13 has been release quite a while ago.

(But of course, I don't know when it's rolled out in your company...)

Betreff: PS RCS application messages

I have a problem with install Tecnomatix_13.0.1,can you help me?
I've installed everything which needed in launching Process Design,including license.However,when launch Process Design,It shows' Login failed.Unknown Exception.',do you know why?

Betreff: PS RCS application messages

if you are running PD from new 13.0.1. you need to refresh your schema in admin console to tell system about your new installed version. and set association to sysroot again.


Once this successful. you should be able to run PD/PS.

Betreff: PS RCS application messages

Thanks Steven! It's ok now!
And I have another question,can you help me?
PD/PS ( version 13.0.1) run well in win7 system ,but when it installed in win10,only PD is able to run as administrator,PS is not compatible even in win7 compatibility mode on the compatibility tab.

Betreff: PS RCS application messages

Please check the release information of 13.0.1 on supported OS. if Win 10 is supported. then I guess the issue might relevant with the grahhic card driver.  Check it and try to update to latest driver , ideally with certificate of Siemens product if you are using NV Quadro card.