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PS virtual commissioning with PLCsim

[ Edited ]

Can you guide me how to do the virtual commissioning  with ( PS10.0 and PLCsim5.4).


I try with very basick example (try to conect one signal to PLCsim) buit I got folowing error. " S7 PLCsim returned following error, unkowon error ocured"


Here I have captured all the steps that i followed,

please guide me how to connect PLCsim with PS


Re: PS virtual commissioning with PLCsim



deactivate the option under ps /plc

"download program beforde..."


another think:

change in PLCSim the connection from MPI to Ethernet


Normaly it is working


Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke

Re: PS virtual commissioning with PLCsim



In my case I get the error


"S7 PLCSIM returned the following error:


The S7ProSim control is not connected to S7-PLCSIM"


Can anyone guide me through what I can do to establish the connection properly?


Thanks in addvance!



Re: PS virtual commissioning with PLCsim

Hello Ushan,
I can not see your operation video, can you upload your tutorial about how to configure ps with PLCSIM for me ?
thanks in advance.