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Part Appearance with Primary Appearance option on

we are struggling with the best way to use apearances with the option "Primary appearance" on.


Say we have a cell [CELL01] with 3 robots [R01, R02 & R03] and 2 fixtures [FX01 & FX02].
R01 and R02 weld in both fixtures and R03 manipulates the parts from FX01 to FX02.

Then the process tree might look like this:





I would like to have an appearance on FX01, FX02 and gripper R03.

And I only want to see the mfg's of Welding_FX01 on the appearance in FX01.
Likewise the mfg's of Welding_FX02 should only appear on the appearance of FX02.


So now I start to create the appearance for FX01:
I select the parts, give it a nice name, I can place it where ever I want and select the Primary option.
Now all that is left to do is the choice of the "Appearance Scope" !


If I choose Cell01, I get all the welds from FX01 and FX02 for both robots. Not what I want!
If I choose R01/Welding_FX01 I only get the welds for robot R01 and to see all for FX01 I have to create a second appearance for R02. Not what I want!


Anyone has a suggestion how to solve this?


By the way: At the moment we still use 11.1 for this project.




Re: Part Appearance with Primary Appearance option on

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

You can consider organizing the operation tree as follow:









Create 2 appearances, one associated with OP_FX1 and the other with OP_FX2 (set as appearance scope). Set both as primary appearances.

The result is that all locations under R1_FX1 and R2_FX1 will appear on appearance 1 and all locations under R1_FX2 and R2_FX2 will appear under appearance 2.



Re: Part Appearance with Primary Appearance option on


Hi Ynze,


You do know that you can apply multiple operations to the same appearance!


So you have an appearance for FX01 and an appearance for FX02.


You can assign R01 FX01 weld operation and R02 FX01weld operation to the appearance for FX01 and the same goes for FX02.


We have lots of cells with this setup. Works well




@SMC Design

Re: Part Appearance with Primary Appearance option on

Hi Duncan,

I didn't be I will certainly investigate all suggestions.