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Path Template XML element for "Gun Wait"

I use KUKA controller in PS and I need to set status "No Wait" for the gun when applying custom path template.



What text should I place in custom XMLs in PathTemplateConfiguration and in MotionConfiguration folders?



Re: Path Template XML element for "Gun Wait"

have you check this parameter?


pointed to by RefLoc.
<Action Name="AddApproachLocation" LocRange="First">
<AddLoc Name="approachViaLoc" RefLoc=" First " Placed="After" CopyAttachment ="true" RelX="-100.05" RelZ="100.05">
<!--apply to the added via location only-->
<Param Name="Gun Wait" Dynamic="true" Value="No Wait"/>
<!--apply to the output of the filter-->
<Param Name="RRS_MOTION_TYPE" Value="2"/>

Kind regards,

Benjamin Voelzke