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Path generation

While making a New Operation for a robot, how do I make it follow some previously created points (with NX) on a CAD part, without having to move it manually to every single position separately?


The image shows the CAD part with the 4 points I want the robot to follow, the points are shown in a different blue.

Accepted by topic author oochoa1
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Path generation

You can create the locations for your operation "by pick" (add location by pick). In this case select your points. Then you can use "manipulate location" to adjust the orientation.

Re: Path generation

Great! That's what i was looking for! But know how do i make a collision free path between the points?

Re: Path generation

To create a collusion free path there are different ways.
This is one way:
- Load your path into path editor.
- With right click on one of your existing locations you have the Option " add location before" or "add location after".
- use one of this options.
- in the graphic viewer a coordinate system appears at the robot TCP, which you can use to manipulate the Position.
( in the dropdown menu you can select WORKING FRAME, BASE FRAME or TCPF. Default is TCPF )
-Close the manipulation window an it automatically adds the location into your path.